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Un panier cadeau idéal pour les amateurs de fruits frais, biscuits, chocolats et jus

Crunchy bites extra


Lovers of fruity and gourmet breaks will find their happiness here. The Crunchy Bite Extra Basket is an assortment of various chocolates, chocolate biscuits, fresh juices and fresh fruits.

Product Description

The assortment is placed in a large wicker basket, delivered packaged, presented in a pleasant way and accompanied by your personalised message

– Exotic fruits (grapefruit, mango, kiwi, bananas, maracuja, lime, avocado, orange, etc.)

– Seasonal fruits (apples, pears, mini cucumbers, clementines, etc.)

– Biscuits “Generous” Charlotte chocolate

– Dark chocolate bar “Café-tasse”

– Milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts and salted caramel “Café-tasse”

– Biscuits “Generous” Sylvain Speculoos

– Crunchy almonds coated with Chocolate

– 1l of Juice “Simone a soif” Strawberry & Lemon balm

– 1l of Juice “Simone a thirst” Apple & Geranium